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Symbol (XYM) Wallet

A full responsive Symbol web wallet that puts you in full control of your XYM private keys. Easily send, receive, and manage your XYM crypto from Vidulum App via web browsers or download the crypto web wallet for Android and iOS devices.

Vidulum App Symbol Wallet

Quickly and easily send, receive, and store your Symbol (XYM) from any device, anywhere in the world. Vidulum App is non-custodial web wallet that lets you access your XYM through any modern web browser or with the app on Android and iOS devices.


Access your crypto on any device through modern web browsers or with the app for Android and iOS.


The lightweight Vidulum Multi-Asset Web Wallet and application is built for convenience.


The Vidulum Team is readily available and engaged with community members on discord.


Functionality meets visual appeal through a beautiful interface that is actively developed for intuitive use.


Vidulum App users own their private keys and remain the custodian of their crypto with 24/7 access.


The Vidulum App features a native crypto coin (VDL), developed to reward users and provide additional utility.

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What is Symbol (XYM)?

A highly decentralized blockchain, Symbol enables high transaction throughput and supports cross chain swaps, aggregated transactions, and advanced tokenization functionality.

Created by NEM Group, Symbol is a next generation blockchain platform that enables numerous opportunities for individuals, developers, and businesses. The Symbol blockchain reduces friction by lowering costs and removing complexity from leveraging blockchain technology. Any entity can use the Symbol blockchain to create NFTs, STOs, CBDCs.

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