What is V-staking - How to Earn Crypto VDL

How to earn $VDL tokens from V-Staking


There is a lot of excitement around Vidulum and earning VDL, a key part of the coin’s use case and one of the key benefits of using Vidulum’s multi-coin web wallet. Let’s dive into what v-staking is and explain how you can earn through staking your coins in your Vidulum wallet.

V-staking enables holders to earn free crypto.

There are two basic ways of earning VDL tokens:

  1. Stake your VDL tokens with a validator to earn more VDL and support the blockchains consensus process.

  2. Holding a minimum number of coins of other V-staking supported assets.

Community members who choose to hold $VDL in their wallet in order to earn V-staking rewards need to first create an account on Vidulum App or download our Android Mobile App or iOS Mobile App. When you sign up, make sure to keep your login details safe, secure and backed up as you are in full custody of any crypto stored with Vidulum App.

When using the Vidulum App wallet your secure private keys are only ever used client-side. By design, the Vidulum team cannot recover web wallet accounts, as pins, passwords and private keys are never sent to Vidulum servers.

After you create your account on Vidulum App then sending the coins to your respective addresses. It’s that simple and easy.

Currently, community members from the projects listed below earn VDL tokens in the Vidulum web wallet. The minimum balance listed next to each project below to participate in V-Staking on the Vidulum App and earn VDL.

+ NEM - 100 (XEM) Minimum Balance
+ Symbol - 100 (XYM) Minimum Balance
+ RitoCoin - 100 (RITO) Minimum Balance
+ BitcoinZ - 100 (BTCZ) Minimum Balance
+ SCRIV - 100 (SCRIV) Minimum Balance
+ DAO Maker - 5 (DAO) Minimum Balance
+ 5G-Cash - 100 (VGC) Minimum Balance

Use the built in V-Staking Calculator to see your estimated next reward.

Stakers who are considered active users (have logged in within 60 days), are rewarded approximately every 24 hours, data which is constantly updated in the V-Staking Status channel of the Vidulum Discord server. To ensure transparency, an update of the number of stakers and the specific amount sent to each wallet is updated in the V-Staking status channel. V-Staking rewards are based on the weighting or percentage of a wallet compared to the total amount currently being staked. Put simply, more coins of a v-staking supported asset that you hold, the higher your payout at the end of the 24-hour cycle.

Going forward, the team plans to expand its staking support for other coins so that more users can earn VDL while holding their funds in their Vidulum Multicurrency wallet. Interested members can use this form to let Vidulum know of coins that might be suitable for listing on Vidulum App. Submissions would have to pass a qualitative analysis performed by the Vidulum team in order to be added to the web wallet. An enhanced listing on the web wallet that adds v-staking support to a project can be arranged by filling out the same form. There is a fee for v-staking support which will be decided on a case by case basis, depending on what daily reward a project would like to set for its users. If V-staking is arranged for supported assets, these projects will be able to set their own minimum amount to make users eligible to receive staking rewards.

We are very happy to have you all as part of our community. Stay tuned as we introduce more ways for users to earn $VDL.