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Safecoin is supported on Vidulum App, a crypto web wallet designed to ensure users are in full control of their crypto. Own your SAFE and access it anywhere, 24/7 with the Vidulum App Crypto Web Wallet.

Vidulum App Safecoin Wallet

Access your Safecoin wallet from any device, where ever you are. You can use Vidulum App to send, receive and store your Safecoins through any modern web browser or with the app on Android and iOS devices.


Access your crypto on any device through modern web browsers or with the app for Android and iOS.


The lightweight Vidulum Multi-Asset Web Wallet and application is built for convenience.


The Vidulum Team is readily available and engaged with community members on discord.


Functionality meets visual appeal through a beautiful interface that is actively developed for intuitive use.


Vidulum App users own their private keys and remain the custodian of their crypto with 24/7 access.


The Vidulum App features a native crypto coin (VDL), developed to reward users and provide additional utility.

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What is Safecoin?

Safecoin is a community driven cryptocurrency built upon the open-source Solana blockchain.

Safecoin introduces a functional and inclusive blockchain that is accessible to anyone who wishes to participate in consensus. Anyone can run a validator or delegate their Safecoin to help secue the network and drive decentralization. The Safecoin blockchain is able to process 65,000+ transactions per second while remaining environmentally friendly.

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