How to List a Coin on Vidulum App


Vidulum LLC is one of the blockchain initiatives that strives to make the ownership of a cryptocurrency portfolio very easy for novices and enthusiasts alike. In its mission to achieve this, the developers behind Vidulum seek to add support for as many cryptocurrencies on Vidulum App as possible. This is important to both the Vidulum community and developers in an effort to help drive adoption and ensure the users have choices when storing cryptocurrencies within the wallet. The process to list a new cryptocurrency on Vidulum App is quite simple provided a few requirements are met.

What are the Requirements?

Community members as well as project team members are at liberty to request the listing of any legitimate cryptocurrency. The basic listing, to include wallet only support, is free of charge at the time this article was written. Complete this form with the requested details. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects should meet the requirements below:

  1. 1) Provide an explorer like Insight or Blockbook. The explorer must have the following API calls available:

    • (POST/GET) Broadcast Transaction Hex

    • (GET) Address Balance

    • (GET) Address Transaction History

    • (GET) Address Unspent/UTXO Transactions

  2. 2) Project should have an active community and some use cases. Vidulum prefers to support engaged teams and communities.

  3. 3) Team members behind the project are able to communicate with developers at Vidulum. Communication is key for a successful listing and long term support..

  4. 4) Project has had active development and growth. Vidulum makes a qualitative assessment based on continued development to ensure that users of the project will be able to receive adequate support when required.

  5. 5) Listed on at least one Cryptocurrency Exchange (This is preferred and helps Vidulum to provide data to its users, though it is not a listing requirement.)

Benefits of Listing on Vidulum App

Vidulum App is a non-custodial multicurrency wallet that puts its users in full control of their funds. Private keys for cryptocurrency addresses are created client side and are never stored or sent back to company servers. Users can export the private keys from the Vidulum App and import them into another wallet of their choice.

Vidulum App also features the first ever non-custodial tip bot built directly into Discord. That means that crypto projects and communities will be able to actively engage their users through ‘tip’ and ‘rain parties’, all while maintaining possession of their cryptocurrencies.

Another unique feature of Vidulum App is the opportunity to earn $VDL through V-Staking if the cryptocurrency listed applies for it. V-Staking is a medium through which users of the application are rewarded for holding supported cryptocurrencies in their wallet. Read more about V-Staking, the benefits and how to apply here.

Finally, Vidulum App has recently released an in application exchange feature. As development continues it is anticipated that the Vidulum team will continue to add supported pairs to this part of the platform.


The team behind Vidulum LLC encourages community members to reach out to the developers behind their favourite projects and request that they submit the listing form or get in touch with the team. Adding support to the wallet is free provided all technical requirements are met, if not, developers are still encouraged to reach out and see if the Vidulum team can help.

Additionally, V-Staking is a premium service and does require a discussion between the development teams.

If you have any questions about listing on Vidulum App your project you can fill out the listing form and contact the team directly through discord.

Author:Kelvin Emmra Editor: Corey Miller