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About Vidulum

Vidulum is a latin word for "wallet" which is exactly the service provided through the crypto web wallet application. Vidulum is pronounced, Vi-do-lum. The purpose of Vidulum is to ensure anyone can adopt and take ownership of their cryptocurrency and digital assets no matter their skill level.

A founding principle that continues to drive the development of Vidulum app is self-custody of crypto, meaning you own your private keys, and are the only person who can sign transactions and access wallets. Built on this steady foundation, Vidulum has evolved into an all in one crypto web wallet platform and ecosystem.

The native cryptocurrency VDL was originally a proof of work chain, which has since been deprecated and Legacy VDL was swapped into VDL token on a new delegated proof of stake blockchain. VDL is still a core feature of the application and the development team is always working on finding new utility for VDL within the web wallet.

Create Wallet

Multi-Asset Support

All your favourite crypto wallets in one spot.

Earn Crypto Rewards

Hold certain cryptocurrencies and earn VDL.

Participate in Consensus

Stake your VDL coins right in the app.

Non-custodial Platform

Your keys - Your crypto

Vidulum Team

Meet the People Behind Vidulum App

Passion and purpose drives the Vidulum Team with a wide array of skills and expertise behind the Vidulum web wallet platform.

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