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Where can You Buy VDL Cryptocurrency?

VDL is available to buy and trade through several platforms including Osmosis Zone, directly in Vidulum App, Stex Exchange, Decoin Exchange, and Instaswap.

Get your VDL and start earning rewards by participating in consensus from Vidulum App or through the Osmosis Zone Liquidity Pool.

VDL on Osmosis Zone

Buy VDL on Osmosis Zone

Osmosis is the largest interchain dex (Decentralized Exchange). Users can Trade a variety of Cosmos based blockchains in totally non-custodial fashion. The platform allows users to earn incentive rewards for participating in the liquidity pools and offers an easy to use interface to buy and sell VDL and other CosmosSDK chains.

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Buy VDL Vidulum app

Buy VDL in Vidulum App

Vidulum App features a built in, easy to use exchange for users to trade Bitcoin for VDL directly in the app.

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Get VDL on Decoin

Get VDL on Decoin

Buy and sell VDL for USDT on Decoin. Decoin is a community driven, centralized crypto exchange, providing a robust and innovative social trading platform.

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Create Your Vidulum Crypto Wallet

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** Individuals are encouraged to do their due diligence and understand the risks associated with participating in cryptocurrency markets.