How to Buy VDL From an Exchange

How to Get VDL From an Exchange


Vidulum is a registered software company that has developed a multi-cryptocurrency wallet that has integrated with most of the top twenty major coins in this industry. In addition, it has a native coin VDL which can be acquired either through consensus mechanisms such as mining and running masternodes, or it can be obtained through V-staking on the Vidulum Network. Users who wish to participate in V-staking, must obtain VDL coins from an exchange. The point is, for those who might want to mine Vidulum coins you need to have all the required mining resources or better still join the already existing mining pools of the network. For those who wish to join the masternode/staking system in gaining more VDL coins, you will need to have a collateral amount of the coins. This is where getting VDL from listed cryptocurrency exchanges becomes necessary. Officially, VDL is listed on two exchanges Crex24 and Stex even though there are other platforms that have listed Vidulum to trade. There is only a BTC Trading pair on both exchanges, hence whatever crypto you might want to use aside from BTC needs to be converted first. For the purpose of simplicity and security, this article will seek to elaborate upon how to get Vidulum coins from these two exchanges.

How to Buy Vidulum From Stex Exchange

Community members who wish to trade on Stex need to register and undergo a Know Your Customer (KYC) process in order to have full access to conducting any trade on the Exchange. Registering takes a very short time but the approval of KYC can take within 48-72 hours. Once you notice that your KYC has been approved then you can proceed to deposit funds to purchase VDL coins. BTC deposit on Stex shows after one confirmation so don’t fret when you don’t see the funds initially in the history page once you send funds from your wallet. Deposited funds will be updated in the balance of your assets once the transaction has undergone at least 3 confirmations. You can now proceed to place your order with your preferred price and wait for it to execute. Once the trade has been successfully completed you can proceed to withdraw your coins at a fee of 1 VDL.


How to Buy VDL Coins From Crex24 Exchange

Acquiring VDL from Crex24 requires you to make a deposit and going by the same process as described above, BTC deposits on Crex24 will show up in your deposit history after 1 confirmation and after 3 confirmations on the network, it will be updated in the balance of your assets to trade with it. After a successful trade completion, you can withdraw VDL coins to your respective wallet at a reduced fee of 0.0004 VDL.

Trading of Vidulum Coins is actively done on Stex with over 95% of the trading volume being executed on this exchange hence it will be very easy for anybody wishing to set up his masternode or staking wallet in the shortest time to head over to Stex and make a purchase VDL coins.


However, be ready to face a strong bid wall which does not seem to budge down easily as these community members don’t want to let go of their gems easily.

Some Helpful Tips When Conducting Transactions on Exchanges.

  1. Ensure that you are visiting the right website of your exchange site so that you don’t get phished of your login details. Take the step of looking at every letter of the site before logging in with your credentials.

  2. Double-check addresses after you have copied and pasted before hitting any send button. Hackers can have access to your computers and tamper with copied addresses.

  3. Make sure you send funds to the right addresses as displayed by the exchange. For example, you don’t need to send Bitcoin to a Vidulum address as it will be lost and might not be credited. If you are lucky some cryptocurrency wallets might prompt you that the pasted address is wrong supposing the pasted address is not of the same chain.

  4. Always enable 2-FA on your exchange accounts so that in case your account is hacked they no funds can be withdrawn without your approval.

Author:Kelvin Emmra