Vidulum's Ecosystem Makes It Easier than Ever to Own Cryptocurrency

Make use of Vidulum’s one stop crypto platform to actively manage your crypto from anywhere and on any device while leveraging the VDL blockchain and rewards system.

Access Vidulum App through modern web browsers or download the app on Android or iOS devices.

Crypto Web App Features

Vidulum App is the Crypto Experience You Deserve

Continuous improvement drives development of Vidulum App and you can expect to see constant changes, feature additions, and more as you use Vidulum App as your crypto wallet. Vidulum's cryptocurrency wallet and platform has been built on a feature rich foundation, ensuring each update enhances the user experience.


Access your crypto on any device through modern web browsers or with the app for Android and iOS.


Vidulum's light crypto wallet and application is built for convenience.


The Vidulum Team is readily available and engaged with community members on discord.


Functionality meets visual appeal through a beautiful interface that is actively developed for intuitive use.


Vidulum App users own their private keys and remain the custodian of their crypto with 24/7 access.


The Vidulum App features a native crypto coin (VDL), developed to reward users and provide additional utility.

Create Your Vidulum Crypto Wallet

Take control of your crypto with Vidulum App - an all in one crypto web wallet platform.

VDL Crypto

The VDL Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Network

VDL is the native cryptocurrency blockchain of Vidulum app and serves as a utility to reward users.

VDL Blockchain Details

Target Block Time

5 Seconds

Emissions Rate (Rewards)

Estimated 6-15% Annual Return

Block Finality



100 maximum; those with the most (self + delegated) staking will be in the top 100 positions


Validators and delegators have the power to vote.

Bonded Goal



Validators must sign at least 1,000 out of every 10,000 blocks or they will be jailed and their total delegation will be slashed (reduced) by 0.01%


Validators will also be slashed for double signing events putting them in jail and will be slashed 5.0%.

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Vidulum FAQ

Get answers to your most frequently asked questions about Vidulum. If you don't see an answer to your question, join us on discord and ask the Vidulum Developers directly.

VDL is the block reward from Vidulum’s mainnet Delegated Proof of Stake blockchain. VDL is the native cryptocurrency of Vidulum App and powers the V-Staking feature that rewards you for holding some of your favorite coins. More use cases for VDL are being thought of everyday and we are excited to build these into the ecosystem.

Vidulum App is a multi-asset web wallet that can act as your one stop platform for self-managing your cryptocurrency. Store, send, receive, and access supported wallets from modern web browsers or through the Android or iOS apps.

Vidulum is a latin word for "wallet" which is exactly the service provided through the crypto web wallet application.

Vidulum is pronounced: Vi-do-lum.

Private keys are generated client-side through a proprietary method and are never sent back to our servers. The Vidulum team cannot access walletss or private keys. It is critical that users take a secure backup of their login credentials when creating a wallet. You can also export your private keys from the settings page of the web wallet app.

V-Staking is an in-app feature designed to reward you with VDL for holding V-Staking enabled assets. Unlike traditional staking, V-Staking does not require users to keep their wallets open 24-hours, 7 days a week. Simply hold the minimum required amount of a V-Staking supported cryptocurrency in your Vidulum App Wallet, ensure you are active at least once every 60 days and start earning V-Rewards today!

There are three primary ways you can earn VDL:

  1. Consensus: Earn VDL by participating in network consensus. Delegating your VDL directly in app to a Validator will earn you more VDL over time. You could also operate a Network Validator and earn a commission of VDL from the blockchain emissions.
  2. V-Staking: With rewards built into Vidulum app, you can earn free VDL from the Vidulum rewards system by holding V-Staking supported cryptocurrencies.
  3. You can receive tips and rains in the Vidulum Discord server.

A non-custodial crypto wallet means that you are the sole owner of your private keys and have full control over your crypto wallets. Custodial crypto services are third parties that hold your crypto on your behalf oftentimes simply just provide you with redeemable credits.

Vidulum App is an example of a non-custodial wallet where only you have access to your crypto wallets, private keys, and the cryptocurrencies contained within them.

Vidulum App Wallets cannot be recovered by our team. It is essential that users make backups of their login-credentials and private keys.

With security in mind and to ensure you are the true custodian of your assets, the Vidulum team does not receive or have copies of user passwords, pins, or wallet private keys.