Vidulum Multi-Asset Crypto Wallet

More than just a blockchain, Vidulum is a web based wallet that supports multiple crypto assets and currently features V-Staking and masternode monitoring. Take control of your private keys and access them anywhere, 24/7.

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How It Works

The Vidulum App gives ownership back to cryptocurrency users through a non-custodial wallet
where you are in control anywhere, anytime.


Own Your Private Keys

Private keys for cryptocurrency addresses are created client side through a proprietary method and are never stored or sent back to our servers


Store Multiple Assets

Closing the usability gap, Vidulum supports multiple assets, driving crypto mass adoption through ease of use, ownership and functionality.


Get Rewarded

The Vidulum Reward system means users earn while holding their crypto on the Vidulum App through a first of it's kind process called V staking.

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Amazing Features

With a core focus on the user base, the Vidulum App
is designed to give control back to the cryptocurrency community.

Responsive Layout

Desktop, laptop and mobile compatible, access your crypto through any modern web browser.

Clean Code

The lightweight Vidulum Multi-Asset Web Wallet and application is built for convenience.

Active Community

The Vidulum Team is readily available and engaged with community members on discord.

Vidulum App Features

Modern Design

Functionality meets visual appeal through a beautiful interface that is actively developed for intuitive use.


Vidulum App users own their private keys and remain the custodian of their own assets with 24/7 access.

Native Coin - VDL

The Vidulum App features a native coin developed to reward users and provide additional utility.

Multi-Asset Crypto Web Wallet

With many innovative blockchain projects in the crypto space, our goal is to provide our users with ease of access to as many cryptocurrencies and features that enhance their experiences, closes knowledge gaps and drives mass adoption.

Your Keys - Your Crypto
Unlimited Possibilities.


Frequently Asked Questions

VDL is a native coin and feature of the Vidulum App. VDL can be mined, or earned through hosting a masternode or on the web wallet through V-Staking. It is also available on crypto exchanges. The Vidulum App is a multi-asset web wallet that users retain control of their private keys and can be used to store and access their assets, wherever they are, whenever they want.

Private keys are generated client-side through a proprietary method and are never sent back to our servers. The Vidulum team can not access accounts or private keys.

When users hold certain assets in their Vidulum App wallets (Currently: VDL, XEM, RITO, XSG, BTCZ, SCRIV, ILC), they earn VDL as a reward through a process called V-Staking. Unlike traditional staking, V-Staking does not require users to keep their wallets open 24-hours, 7 days a week. Hold the minimum required amount of a V-Staking supported cryptocurrency in your Vidulum App Wallet and start earning V-Rewards today!

Vidulum is a latin word for "wallet" which is exactly the service provided through the web application.

Vidulum is pronounced, Vi-do-lum.

Accounts on the Vidulum web application and multi-asset wallet cannot be recovered by our team. It is essential that users make backups of their login-credentials and private keys. With security in mind and to ensure you are the true custodian of your assets, the Vidulum team does not receive or have copies of user passwords, pins, 2-FA secret keys or wallet private keys.

Coin Listing

Let your users take full control of their cryptocurrency on the Vidulum App.
Each account is in full control of their private keys and has 24/7 access!

  • Coin Listing
  • Full coin support on Vidulum App
  • Co-Marketing
  • Developer Support Channel
  • (*) Completed when time allows.
  • V-Rewards (V.R.S.)
  • *Listing Required
  • 365 Days of V-Staking
  • 365 Days of Future Features
  • 365 Days of Incentivised Co-Marketing
  • Developer Support Channel
  • What are V-Rewards?
  • The V-Staking Reward System is built to reward users of the platform with VDL. A daily reward of VDL will be distributed to those who hold a minimum amount of the currently supported cryptocurrencies (VDL, XEM, RITO, XSG, BTCZ, SCRIV, ILC), in their Vidulum App Wallets.
  • Check out this quick blog to learn more about how V-Staking works. You can also learn more about listing your cryptocurrency or blockchain project on Vidulum App here!
  • As development continues more ways to earn through the V-Staking Reward System will be introduced!

The Vidulum Team

Passion and purpose drives the Vidulum Team with a wide array of skills and expertise behind the Vidulum Web App.


Corey Miller


Bridget Vandenbosch

Amazing Features

Accessible 24/7 through modern web browsers
the Vidulum App is driving accessibility and continuously expanding the platform.


Own your private keys, and conveniently export them to a CSV file.

User Friendly

Designed to deliver a frictionless and intuitive experience.

Send & Receive

Easily send and receive any of the supported assets to and from your Vidulum Wallet.

Masternode Monitoring

With the touch of a button, monitor your VDL masternodes in app, keeping track of uptime.


Access your Vidulum App wallets through desktop or mobile devices.


Change themes and tweak security settings, make the Vidulum app your own.

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Crypto Exchanges
Buy / Sell VDL on:

  • Stex Exchange
  • Crex24 Exchange
VDL Coin Blockchain

VDL Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Network

The Vidulum blockchain and cryptocurrency are a feature of the Vidulum app and serves as a utility to users.

VDL can be mined or acquired through Masternodes in support of the network. VDL is also available to users through STEX and CREX24

  • Proof of Work: 4.8 VDL / 3.2 VDL Masternode / 2 VDL V-Reward System
  • Vidulum Reward System: 2 VDL
  • Algorithm: Equihash 192_7
  • Masternode (V-Node): 15, 000 VDL
  • Total Supply: 100, 000, 000 VDL (100 Million)
  • Block Reward: 10VDL
  • Block Time: 60 seconds
Download the Windows Desktop Client Download the Linux Desktop Client

VDL Mining Pools

  • equihub
  • dapool
  • raptor pool
  • fenixpool
  • 1square

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