Vidulum Application and Blockchain

Vidulum is so much more than just a blockchain. We provide an unmatched web based wallet that supports multiple assets. currently features V-Staking and simple masternode monitoring.

v10.7 Release Notes

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Multi asset support

We have been working to create relationships with many of the innovative blockchain projects in the crypto space. Our goal is to provide our users with access to as many projects and features to enhance those projects as we possibly can. Here are some of the assets that have inspired us to create the Vidulum Platform.

Buy / Sell VDL

VDL Mining Pools

It's Simple

Create your secure account and have access to your favorite assets anywhere in the world via most modern browsers. You have exclusive control of your private keys.

Within minutes our users are able to enjoy the feature rich platform designed with them in mind.


V-Staking is the first of its kind to offer VDL rewards for holding not only Vidulum (VDL) but many other assets.

Send To Username

Avoid complicated cryptocurrency addresses. With you can easily send to another person or business by account name. (Coming Soon)

Masternode Monitoring

Be smart with your time. has a unique masternode monitoring feature to provide the most up-to-date details of your nodes.

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