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Vidulum App is your one stop, multi-currency crypto web wallet. Hold, earn, and own your crypto assets in non-custodial fashion from any device, anytime.

Vidulum’s All in One, Multi-Asset Crypto Web Wallet Makes it Easier than Ever to Send, Receive, and Store Your Cryptocurrency.

Accessible through modern web browsers and available for Android and iOS devices, Vidulum is an all in one crypto platform with a growing list of supported cryptocurrency wallets. Through the web wallet you can easily manage your crypto portfolio through a seamless interface and take advantage of the in app features.

You can participate in network consensus directly in Vidulum App and earn VDL by delegating to the network Validators.

Start Earning VDL

The Vidulum Reward system means you can earn free crypto in VDL while holding certain assets on Vidulum App through a process called V-staking.

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Vidulum supports 40 cryptocurrencies and counting with a wallet focused on functionality and the ease of use you expect from a robust crypto storage platform.

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Monitor your crypto portfolio with ease. From sending to receiving, viewing blockchain transaction history, and keeping track of portfolio value, Vidulum has it all.

Send and receive crypto tips and rains directly in Discord without relying on a third party to hold your coins with the first of its kind, non-custodial Discord crypto tip bot by Vidulum.

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What is Vidulum App?

Vidulum is a self custody crypto ecosystem developed around a multi-currency web wallet that has been built for any user of any skill level. The VDL blockchain powers the ecosystem, currently serving as a reward system with plans for continue utility expansion in the app.

Actively manage your crypto portfolio, participate in Vidulum Network consensus, and self-manage your own digital assets without the need for a custodian, all from a single platform.

Vidulum doesn’t store your keys or credentials and cannot recover wallets by design. All activities through Vidulum App related to the use of wallet keys and building transactions happens on the client side, directly in your browser. This also means that you should keep a secure backup of your credentials and private keys.

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Earn VDL Crypto

Participate in VDL Network Consensus

Participate in network consensus directly in Vidulum App by delegating (staking) VDL. The more VDL you delegate the more you can earn while helping to secure the network.

V-Staking Crypto Rewards

You can earn VDL by holding V-Staking enabled cryptocurrencies and as we continue to expand VDL’s utility in Vidulum App, you can expect to find more ways to put your VDL to work.

Discord Tip Bot and Rain Parties

The Vidulum Crypto Discord tip bot is non-custodial and the first of it’s kind, promoting participation in community activities to receive VDL and other cryptocurrencies from your fellow holders.

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