Symbol Wallet is Live on Vidulum app

Symbol (XYM) Wallet Support has Been Added to Vidulum App

As part of our ongoing partnership with the team at NEM, we are thrilled to announce that Symbol (XYM) is live on Vidulum App. Vidulum supported the Symbol snapshot and now XYM holders can store, send, and receive their Symbol through Vidulum’s non-custodial platform. Vidulum App is a non-custodial wallet that puts users in full control of their private keys. You can access your XYM online, anytime, through modern web browsers or by downloading the app directly from the Google Play Store on Android and the Apple App Store on iOS.

Holders of Symbol (XYM) can earn daily rewards in VDL with the introduction of XYM as a V-Staking enabled cryptocurrency on Vidulum App.

Create your XYM wallet on Vidulum App to start earning daily rewards!

About Symbol (XYM)

The Symbol blockchain platform enables countless opportunities for individuals, developers, and businesses. The Symbol blockchain introduces advanced blockchain functions to reduce friction by lowering costs and complexities while providing increased functionalities.

Symbol is a highly decentralized blockchain with high throughput supporting cross chain swaps, aggregated transactions, and advanced tokenization functions.

The Symbol Platform makes tokenization easy. Individuals, businesses, enterprise, and governments alike can quickly and cost effectively create NFTs, STOs, CBDCs, and more - shaking up the status quo and changing the paradigm in asset tokenization.

Symbol, by NEM, is a next generation blockchain, supported by the NEM Community, NEM Group, NEM Ventures, and NEM Trading.

Learn more about the Symbol Platform.

About V-Staking

V-Staking is pivotal to Vidulum App’s reward system. Users of the application are able to earn VDL coins as a daily reward for holding V-Staking enabled cryptocurrencies, which now includes Symbol (XYM). It’s easy to enable your XYM for V-Staking. Users simply have to log in to their Vidulum App wallet at least once every 60 days and hold a minimum of 100 units of XYM.

A total of 100 VDL is distributed daily through the V-Staking Rewards system for Symbol (XYM) holders. The amount of VDL a user can earn from an enabled cryptocurrency is proportionate to their share of the amount being held on the platform for V-Staking.

Example: 100 VDL daily distribution for XYM.
The total V-Staking pool is 10000 units, a coin holder has 1000 units, they will receive 10% of the daily distribution (10 VDL).

Learn more about V-Staking.