ETHO Protocol Wallet is Live on Vidulum app

ETHO Protocol Live on Vidulum App

The ETHO Protocol Wallet is now live on Vidulum App. You can now send and receive ETHO with your Vidulum App online or with the android and iOS app.

What is ETHO Protocol?

ETHO Protocol is focused on creating a truly decentralized platform and community driven project with a mission to support a democratized internet. With the goal of creating a decentralized data storage platform that leverages the power and robustness of blockchain technology, the team at ETHO has incorporated IPFS technology into the network’s nodes. With over 600 nodes and growing around the world to support the network, uploaded data to the ETHO network is replicated and stored in a decentralized fashion.

As the ETHO network features smart contracts, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) can be created through ETHO Protocol and leverage the power of the data storage network. That means that there are significant opportunities in creating NFT’s that contain relevant data and/or are composed of the data that pertains to each NFT.

Network Features of the ETHO Protocol Blockchain

Contribute to the Network

With the application of Masternodes, ETHO network participants can earn ETHO rewards while supporting the blockchain network and contributing to the decentralized storage platform.

Data Storage with EthoFS

Users can use ETHO Protocol for its censorship-proof data storage that utilizes the decentralized ETHO Blockchain network. In order to provide this unique feature the development team behind ETHO Protocol has combined the ETHO Masternode and broader Node Network with IPFS technology to create ethoFS. Eventually users can upload content and websites through a simple, decentralized application to leverage ethoFS.

Decentralized Project Governance

ETHO is powered by it’s community reinforcing the decentralization. Governance, voting and elections are held through the official ETHO Discord and Telegram servers. Users can participate in the path forward for ETHO and help build and maintain the content moderation system building upon the decentralized nature of the platform.

ETHO Protocol Wallet on Vidulum App

The ETHO Wallet on Vidulum App allows users to store, send and receive their ETHO on any device, 24/7. Vidulum provides non-custodial crypto wallet services designed to help people access their crypto anytime and anywhere. Vidulum App is available through modern web browsers and on Android or iOS devices. Learn more about Vidulum App.

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