How to List a Coin on Vidulum App


At Vidulum, we strive to make self-custody of crypto easy for novices and enthusiasts alike. That means we do our best to support a number of blockchain projects by adding support to the wallet. This is an important part of our effort to help drive adoption and ensure the users have choices for storing their cryptocurrencies. Getting support on the Vidulum app for a given blockchain project has several key requirements outlined in this article.

What are the Vidulum App Listing Requirements?

Blockchain developers are encouraged to submit the listing form with the requested details below. Adding support for a cryptocurrency includes a one-time, non-refundable integration fee of $500.

    1. Provide an explorer like Insight or Blockbook. The explorer must be reliably maintained and have API endpoints available to provide support for the blockchain. An example:
    • (POST/GET) Broadcast Transaction Hex

    • (GET) Address Balance

    • (GET) Address Transaction History

    • (GET) Address Unspent/UTXO Transactions

    1. Project should have an active community and some use cases.
    1. Listed on at least one Cryptocurrency Exchange or DEX (Decentralized Exchange) as well as Coin Gecko.
    1. Team members should be available and able to communicate with Vidulum.
    1. Active development and growth is a requirement.

Co-marketing is an important aspect of adding support for a blockchain project and an ongoing awareness campaign is required for both parties.

We will make qualitative assessments of development and activity to ensure project teams are able to provide adequate support for the listing and users when required.

Vidulum reserves the right to waive or enact these restrictions to provide the best service possible for Vidulum App users.

Delisting Policy

At its sole discretion, Vidulum will revoke support for a blockchain or cryptocurrency wallet application. The following criteria for delisting a blockchain from the app is not exhaustive, but serves to inform some of the possible reasons delisting a given cryptocurrency may be undertaken.

    1. Unreliable infrastructure.
      • • Teams are required to maintain the necessary infrastructure for support. Should the explorer or blockchain become unreliable or unavailable for longer than 14 days, delisting will begin.
    1. Failure to advise of changes in consensus or infrastructure.
      • • Supported projects are required to keep Vidulum informed of any blockchain upgrades or updates that would impact services (for example, a new consensus branch). Failure to do so will result in delisting.
    1. Unreachable, non-communicative development teams.
      • • In the event that there is an issue, the development team must be able to respond to Vidulum and provide a resolution within 14 days.

How Delisting Works

When a cryptocurrency or blockchain is deemed to no longer be suitable for Vidulum App, deposits will be disabled. If possible depending on the circumstance of delisting, withdrawals will remain open for a period of 30 days. Users will still be able to generate their private key.

Benefits of Listing on Vidulum App

Vidulum App is a self-custody (non-custodial) multicurrency wallet that users can access from any device using modern web browsers or the app for android and iOS devices. Private keys are created client side and are never stored or sent back to company servers. Users can export the private keys from the Vidulum App and import them into another wallet of their choice.

Vidulum App also features the first ever non-custodial Discord tip bot. That means that crypto projects and communities will be able to actively engage their users through ‘tip’ and ‘rain parties’, without the need for intermediaries.


Vidulum encourages community members to reach out to the developers of their favourite projects and request that they submit the listing form. Provided all technical and qualitative requirements are met, Vidulum is happy to initiate the listing process.

The one-time listing fee covers the costs of integration.

If you have any questions about listing on Vidulum App you can contact the team directly through discord.