DAO Maker Wallet Support is Live on Vidulum App

DAO Maker is Live on Vidulum App and is V-Staking Enabled

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with DAO Maker and this starts with the addition of DAO to Vidulum App as a V-Staking cryptocurrency. Holders can now store, send, and receive DAO in non-custodial fashion through their DAO wallet on Vidulum App.

As an ERC20 token, DAO does require Ethereum to pay network gas fees when sending out of the wallet. This has been made simple through Vidulum App, simply ensure you have a sufficient balance in your ETH wallet to cover gas fees.

What is DAO Maker

DAO Maker is building technologies and driving growth by providing frameworks for startup funding and reducing risk for investors. The team behind DAO is driving a paradigm shift in venture funding by fostering accessibility to the masses.

DAO is the token powering the initiatives for platform growth and the growth of the DAO Maker ecosystem. DAO Maker leverages mass exposure opportunities to help projects develop and scale communities. Acting as an incubator, DAO Maker is helping project’s use their token, community, and members to add value.

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About V-Staking DAO Maker

DAO Maker is the first ERC20 token to participate in V-Staking on Vidulum App and we are excited to help drive awareness and adoption for the DAO ecosystem. In order to participate in V-Staking, DAO token holders must simply:

  • • Login to the app a minimum one time every 60 days.

  • • Hold a minimum 5 DAO tokens on Vidulum App.

V-Staking is a central component to the Vidulum App Reward System (VRS), which enables Vidulum wallet owners to earn crypto rewards for holding specific coins and tokens in a non-custodial crypto wallet.

A total of 50 VDL daily will be distributed through the rewards system for DAO holders. The amount of VDL rewards that users can earn daily is proportionate to their share of the amount being held on the platform for V-Staking. In short, the more you hold, the more you could earn.

Example: 50 VDL daily distribution for DAO.

The total V-Staking pool is 100 units, a coin holder has 5 units, they will receive 5% of the daily distribution (2.5 VDL).

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