5G-CASH Live on Vidulum App

5G-CASH Live on Vidulum App

You can now send and receive 5G-CASH with your Vidulum App wallet online or with the android and iOS app.

What is 5G-CASH?

A small privacy coin with a bold vision for the future, 5G-CASH is working towards becoming a payment gateway with zero inflation for the community. 5G-CASH builds upon what the Bitcoin blockchain introduced to the crypto community through multiple improvements and technology additions to the protocol.

The goal of 5G-CASH is:

  • • To become efficient for all users

  • • Be simultaneously transparent and anonymous

  • • Secure and economical to use

5G-CASH Hybrid Consensus

The 5G-CASH blockchain network combines Proof of Work (PoW) with Proof of Stake 3.0 (PoS 3.0) for a hybrid consensus mechanism to power the network. Miners are incentivized to put their block rewards to work through PoS 3.0 and to support the network by accumulating deploying Masternodes. In addition to this unique style of consensus and its benefits to users, 5G-Cash is also working to ensure that mining is fair for all who wish to participate in the network. Plans are currently underway to allow people to mine with CPU or GPU power without competing with each other to perform consensus on the network and receive block rewards.

Learn more about 5G-CASH, visit their website at: https://fiveg.cash/.

V-Staking 5G-CASH to Earn VDL Daily Rewards

Great news! 5G-Cash Holders can earn VDL daily by participating in V-Staking through Vidulum App. By meeting the minimum requirements of holding 100 units of 5G-Cash and logging in 1 time every 60 days, Vidulum App users and 5G-Cash community members can get rewarded for supporting their favourite cryptocurrency. Click here to learn more about v-staking.

Create your Vidulum Wallet account at https://wallet.vidulum.app and start V-Staking your 5G-CASH today!