NEM Wallet Holders Can Opt-in to Receive Symbol - 1 XEM = 1 XYM

How to Participate in the NEM Snapshot and Symbol Mainnet Launch Using Vidulum App.

On March 12 2021 at approximately 00:50 UTC the NEM (XEM) blockchain will undergo a snapshot in preparation for the launch of the Symbol blockchain mainnet. In order to participate, XEM holders must opt-in. Holders of XEM who choose to participate in the snapshot will receive an equivalent amount of Symbol (XYM) based on their holdings of XEM in a given address.

1 XEM = 1 XEM and 1 XYM

Vidulum App has built in support for the launch of the Symbol blockchain to its non-custodial web wallet as participating in the NEM blockchain is best if users own the private keys to their NEM wallets. Otherwise, users who do not hold the private keys are reliant on centralized services to adopt the launch of Symbol.

How Do I Participate in the NEM Snapshot to Receive Symbol with Vidulum App?

Vidulum App added support for XEM to the multi-coin web wallet in December 2020. Users of Vidulum App can generate their self-custody NEM wallet by logging in or creating an account on Vidulum App.

You may deposit XEM to your Vidulum App web wallet or acquire it through the inbuilt exchange service before the snapshot occurs.

From the Vidulum App NEM wallet page, users will be met with opt-in instructions for their XEM.

In order to opt-in to the Symbol mainnet snapshot, users must sign a transaction by clicking the opt-in button. This will incur a network fee of 0.2 XEM.

After your transaction is successfully completed and confirmed on the NEM blockchain you will be able to observe your opt-in status through the Symbol Opt-in tool. Simply use the find function on your browser to search for your XEM wallet address to confirm you have successfully opted-in.

When Will I Receive My Symbol on Vidulum App?

The Symbol Mainnent is expected to go live on March 15th, with the exact time currently under consideration by the Symbol team. Once mainnet is live, the Vidulum team will perform some quick internal testing and release an update to the application completing support for Symbol. Provided you completed the opt-in steps correctly, when Symbol (XYM) is live on the App, your balance will become visible and accessible in the same way all other cryptocurrencies are on the web wallet.

What Are the Benefits of Using Vidulum App.

Vidulum App is a non-custodial web wallet that ensures users can access their crypto 24/7 from any device. The application has been designed for modern web browsers and can be downloaded for Android or iOS. This means that wherever you are in the world, you are in control of your crypto with Vidulum App.

The application also features support for 14 languages in our mission to enhance the user experience and drive adoption of cryptocurrency.

Supported Languages:
Espanol (Spanish)
Portuguesa (Portuguese)
Français (French)
Deutsche (German)
Polski (Polish)
Русский (Russian)
Українська (Ukranian)
Română (Romanian)
한국어 (Korean)
日本語 (Japanese)
英语 (Chinese)
हिन्दी (Hindi)
Български (Bulgarian)

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V-Staking for Symbol - Earn by Holding Symbol (XYM) on Your Vidulum Web Wallet.

As part of our partnership with NEM and Symbol, Vidulum App will add v-staking support to XYM on the app. Simply holding the minimum balance or more Symbol (XYM) in your wallet and logging in once every 60 days means that you can earn daily crypto rewards in VDL.

Learn more about V-Staking here.

You can learn more about NEM and Symbol at