NEM Wallet Support has Been Added to Vidulum App

NEM Wallet Support has Been Added to Vidulum App

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with the NEM Ecocsystem and that starts with the integration of NEM (XEM) cryptocurrency on Vidulum App. NEM holders can now store, send, and receive their XEM through Vidulum’s non-custodial platform. With Vidulum App you are the sole custodian of your private keys. Through Vidulum you can access your XEM anytime, anywhere through modern web browsers or by downloading the app directly from the Google Play Store on Android and the Apple App Store on iOS.

Holders of NEM (XEM) will be able to earn daily rewards in VDL with the introduction of NEM (XEM) as a V-Staking enabled cryptocurrency on Vidulum App. The upcoming launch of Symbol (XYM) by NEM will also be supported on Vidulum App. Once mainnet Symbol (XYM) launches, users will be able to receive V-Staking rewards in VDL for holding Symbol (XYM) as well. More details about the integration of Symbol (XYM) on Vidulum App will be coming soon!

Create your XEM wallet on Vidulum App and start earning daily rewards!

About NEM

Designed for speed and scale, NEM Platform is a Smart Asset Blockchain that launched in 2015. Built for performance and secured by the Proof-of-Importance (POI) consensus mechanism, NEM features a smart asset layer and its own native cryptocurrency, XEM.
NEM blockchain enables the seamless transfer of digital assets including tokens, contracts and files. Central to NEM’s ecosystem is it’s interoperability with private blockchains and its capacity for seamless integrations by enterprise, banks, and government organizations.

Learn more about the NEM blockchain.

About V-Staking

V-Staking is pivotal to Vidulum App’s reward system. Users of the application are able to earn VDL coins as a daily reward for holding V-Staking enabled cryptocurrencies, which now includes NEM (XEM) and soon Symbol (XYM). It’s easy to enable your XEM for V-Staking. Users simply have to log in to their Vidulum App wallet at least once every 60 days and hold a minimum of 100 units of XEM.

A total of 100 VDL is distributed daily through the V-Staking Rewards system for NEM (XEM) holders. The amount of VDL a user can earn from an enabled cryptocurrency is proportionate to their share of the amount being held on the platform for V-Staking.

Example: 100 VDL daily distribution for XEM.  
The total V-Staking pool is 10000 units, a coin holder has 1000 units, they will receive 10% of the daily distribution (10 VDL).  

Learn more about V-Staking.