Vidulum Lite Paper 2020

Vidulum Lite Paper 2020

September 7, 2020

Executive Summary

This report outlines the vision and mission of Vidulum LLC while discussing key initiatives, obstacles, and opportunities. Vidulum App is the primary product and service accessible online through modern web browsers or Android and iOS devices. Vidulum App is a multi-asset crypto wallet and storage solution that has been developed to overcome the complexities participants face in the blockchain technology space. In addition to its unique design, user experience and application functionality, Vidulum App ensures that individuals are the sole custodians of their wallets and private keys. Central to Vidulum’s vision is the principle of non-custodial crypto storage. With a clear aim to serve both novice and practiced users, Vidulum LLC seeks to increase its user base through the following marketing initiatives:

  • • Organic Social Media

  • • Paid Advertising

  • • SEO

  • • Co-Marketing Initiatives

  • • Community Outreach

  • • Giveaways

  • • User level Incentives

  • • Coin Listings

  • • VDL support on additional platforms and Exchanges

  • • Adding support for other cryptocurrencies to Vidulum App

  • • Establish Partnerships and Leverage Growth Opportunities

By increasing the total users on Vidulum App the general awareness of Vidulum Products and VDL will significantly improve. With increased brand recognition, the Vidulum team can more easily grow, increasing the rate of expansion of the platform and introduction of new products.

Project Objectives

Vidulum’s mission is to encourage adopters of cryptocurrency and digital assets at any skill level to remain the custodians of their own holdings and uses incentives such as v-staking to encourage adoption of the platform.

As public interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology continues to grow Vidulum seeks to become a top contender for digital asset storage. As a non-custodial web wallet, users do not depend on an intermediary to hold custody of their crypto and instead are in full control of their holdings. Primarily, Vidulum wants to leverage the opportunity to capture users who are new to the space by converting them to Vidulum App users, while also serving those current market participants with a suite of products, including a rewards system written into the VDL blockchain.

Over the next 365 days, the Vidulum team has set out the following goals:

  • • Quadruple the user base from approximately 4000.

  • • Expansion of Vidulum’s non-custodial tip bot (V-Tip) to various platforms such as twitter, twitch, and telegram.

  • • Direct integration with coin swapping and fiat gateway services.

  • • Inclusion of VDL on more exchanges where liquidity is not a prohibitive issue.

Within this time Vidulum will continue to expand the features and functionality of Vidulum App to include:

  • • Multiple addresses per wallet

  • • Export wallet history

  • • The ability to buy and sell digital currency in app

  • • Other feature enhancements as appropriate (Hide zero balance, show staking only, expansion of masternode monitoring)

  • • Additional coin support for various popular blockchain projects and other suitable listing requests

  • • Continued expansion of V-staking supported assets

  • • Development of the Vidulum Reward System

  • • Custom built desktop wallet application

  • • Continued development and improvement of the VDL blockchain

In order to drive awareness and adoption of Vidulum App, the team intends to continue and undertake various marketing activities including:

  • • Increased web footprint through various technical and content related SEO activities

  • • Continued publications around Vidulum’s products and services to drive awareness

  • • Display network advertising

  • • Expanded social media campaigns and contests

  • • Engagement activities in and outside of the immediate Vidulum community of users

  • • Partnerships and collaborations resulting in co-marketing initiatives

In working to achieve these goals it is possible that the team at Vidulum LLC must pivot according to market conditions, sentiment and other external factors yet to be realized. With the above plan set forth, Vidulum LLC commits to best efforts in achieving these plans within the next calendar year from the date of publication.

Business Description

Vidulum LLC is a software development company in the blockchain technology space with the capability to expand development expertise to other industries. Founded in the United States, Vidulum began as a web application in early 2018, where later that year the introduction of the VDL blockchain created the possibility of rewarding platform users. Since 2018, the founder of Vidulum has incorporated as Vidulum LLC with Corey Miller and Bridget Vandenbosch serving as the core team. Vidulum LLC owns the intellectual property rights to Vidulum App.

Vidulum LLC is focused on the development of non-custodial services built upon the foundation of Vidulum App. Non-custodial services in the context of cryptocurrency means that users of such services are in full control of their private keys and therefore any digital assets or virtual currencies stored within them. Custodial services differ in that users relinquish control of their assets to a third party service provider and do not have direct access to their private keys.

With Vidulum LLC’s primary assets and intellectual property including a fully functioning, non-custodial digital asset wallet and native blockchain, VDL, the company is developing services to meet the needs of cryptocurrency owners, and blockchain project development teams. With continued growth internally and externally via user growth, team expansion, partnerships and the addition of wallet support for various virtual currencies, Vidulum LLC is directly supporting the adoption of cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology industry.

Currently, Vidulum LLC is focused on establishing its position as a major contender in the crypto storage space. Central to the organization wide mission of developing non-custodial crypto products is Vidulum App. Vidulum App is built for all devices, accessible online through any modern web browser and has implemented a login process familiar to users of all skill levels. Additionally, the application features a rewards matrix powered by the VDL blockchain with plans for continued expansion into what’s known as the Vidulum Reward System. The key component of the Vidulum Reward System is V-Staking where users who own v-staking enabled crypto assets can earn daily rewards. In order to participate in V-Staking, users must hold a minimum amount of a v-staking asset. The amount an individual earns is proportionate to their share of the given digital asset pool being held for V-Staking.

[Example: 100 VDL daily reward; 100,000 VDL V-Staking Total; You hold 1,000 VDL; You earn 1% of the 100 VDL reward]

Products and Services

Vidulum App is currently free to use and does not add or collect an additional fee when users send or receive their digital assets through the application. Keeping these basic functions free reflects the organizational mission to drive accessibility to the digital asset and virtual currency space while encouraging people to remain in control of their private keys.

Built upon this foundation, Vidulum LLC will seek to incorporate revenue generating services such as cryptocurrency and coin swapping as well as fiat gateways, where a transactional fee can be collected. V-Staking represents another opportunity for annual revenue where any project that meets listing requirements can pay to have their blockchain based digital asset become V-Staking enabled.

These revenue generating opportunities will allow Vidulum LLC to focus on platform growth via development and platform adoption through paid marketing activities.

Key features of Vidulum App, as of the date of publication are:

  • • V-Staking daily rewards for users who hold V-Staking enabled assets

  • • Non-custodial crypto storage. Users own their private key

  • • Easy login, and private key export

  • • Full responsive, device agnostic

  • • Accessible from anywhere through modern web browsers

  • • Available on Android and iOS

  • • First ever Non-custodial tip bot (Discord)

  • • Send to multiple addresses

  • • Growing list of supported assets

  • • Masternode monitoring

  • • Network monitoring

VDL Blockchain

The VDL blockchain is used to power the Vidulum Reward System and serves as a utility to the Vidulum App. The blockchain is structured as follows:

  • • Algorithm: Proof of Work Equihash 192_7

  • • Block Rewards: 10 VDL (4.8 PoW / 3.2 MN / 2.0 V.R.S.)

  • • Maximum Supply: 100, 000, 000 (100 Million)

  • • Target Block Time: 60 Seconds

  • • 15, 000 VDL Masternode Collateral

Past Milestones

  • • 07/01/2018 opens to public BETA

  • • 10/28/2018 Official release

  • • 10/28/2018 VDL mainnet blockchain goes live

  • • 11/14/2018 V-Staking went live

  • • 01/05/2019 VDL mainned proof of work algorithm changed to equihash 192_7

  • • 04/21/2019 Bridget joins the Vidulum Core team

  • • 05/17/2019 Registration and formation of Vidulum LLC

  • • 06/12/2019 Vidulum.App website is refreshed with new design and content

  • • 08/05/2019 Vidulum LLC releases a new desktop client for the VDL blockchain

  • • 12/10/2019 Vidulum App now shows V-staking rankings

  • • 12/11/2019 First v-staking payment is made to RITO Coin holders

  • • 12/27/2019 First v-staking payment is made to XSG Coin holders

  • • 01/19/2020 Vidulum LLC partners with

  • • 03/28/2020 Vidulum App is re-released with a new, highly functional front and backend

  • • 04/04/2020 Vidulum App add multi-language support

  • • 04/09/2020 Vidulum App is available in the google play store

  • • 04/23/2020 Vidulum LLC launches it’s own blog

  • • 05/01/2020 VDL mainnet upgrades to Dennis (ver. 170010) stopping selfish mining attacks

  • • 05/11/2020 Vidulum LLC partners with Pecunia Masternode Hosting Platform

  • • 05/13/2020 VDL is listed on What To Mine

  • • 07/18/2020 Vidulum LLC releases the first ever non-custodial Discord tip bot

  • • 07/30/2020 Vidulum App is available for iOS devices in the Apple App Store

  • • 08/17/2020 First v-staking payment is made to BTCZ Coin holders

Key People

The core team behind Vidulum consists of:

Corey Miller, Founder and Technology Lead.

Corey Miller leads the development of products and services that Vidulum LLC has come to offer since 2018. Ten years ago, Corey was driven to build on his foundation in computer networking and information security progressing into a full stack developer. At 33 years old he has brought to market innovative financial technology applications used by thousands of people around the world every day.

In the last three years Corey has stepped up to the challenge of pushing the mass adoption of digital currencies to every corner of the world and in the hands of people coming from all walks of life. His belief is that every person should have the knowledge, tools, and ability to manage their own financial future without dependence on institutions that focus on their own growth first.

His favorite quote is by Sir Richard Branson; “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later.”.

Bridget Vandenbosch, Operations and Front-end Developer, Marketing.

Bridget’s experiences span marketing and operations, with much of her education focusing on multimedia, marketing and production management. Bridget has worked in various industries including the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Bridget’s role with Vidulum is to provide marketing and operational expertise to help gain exposure, drive user adoption, develop web footprint and create structure within the organization to drive efficiencies. Bridget also designed and developed the user interface of Vidulum App, complementing Corey’s development of the backend and application infrastructure.

Independent of Vidulum LLC, Bridget also advocates for privacy rights and participates in cyber security research. Recently, she has assisted in the research and disclosure of malicious browser extensions that have been harvesting the browser activity data of individuals around the world as outlined in the Data Spii disclosure.


Vidulum LLC today is limited by the size of the team and their current obligations. The web wallet space has become increasingly competitive over the last few years and while regulation of virtual currency ownership has taken many steps forward there is still a large degree of uncertainty in this innovative industry.

Primarily, Vidulum LLC must focus on the expansion of its team, from development through marketing and operations in order to continue to remain competitive, drive user growth and expand its services beyond the base application and VDL blockchain as a software solutions company. In staying ahead and mitigating these risks, Vidulum’s core team continues to actively research the blockchain space, monitor industry developments including regulation and put energy into building a strong business network, seeking out potential partnership opportunities.

While in its infant stage, Vidulum LLC has created a core product and service, Vidulum App, where operational costs are minimal and user growth has continued at a steady rate over the last calendar year (From 2019 through 2020). This rate of adoption implies demand for a crypto storage platform that is accessible anywhere, friendly to new adopters, and is non-custodial. The VDL blockchain has been complementary to Vidulum App both as part of the product suite and as a means of adoption. On a competitive basis, no platform currently exists that offers the same value proposition that Vidulum App does through the following:

  • • Non-Custodial Crypto asset storage

  • • Accessibility across devices through modern web browsers

  • • Non-custodial tipping services (currently available for Discord Servers)

  • • Easy login

  • • Native blockchain that is mineable and implements masternodes

  • • Rewards system that is akin to cold staking and built into the VDL blockchain emissions

While it is possible to see more competition emulating Vidulum’s services, through dedication, vision and a belief that the user experience must be paramount, Vidulum is strengthening its foothold everyday as a go to web wallet application for non-custodial crypto storage.

Mission, Vision, Values

Your Keys - Your Crypto - At present Vidulum LLC is focused on providing non-custodial software solutions for adopters of cryptocurrency and blockchain based digital assets. The Vidulum team is working to drive mass adoption of virtual currencies by making it easy and accessible to anyone, whether they are a current adopter well versed in the space or those individuals interested in exploring opportunities in crypto. Through Vidulum App, we have created a gateway with expanding features that will enable us to achieve this goal and evolve the organization into a software services company with expertise in application development and blockchain technologies.

With this mission, Vidulum LLC seeks to become a leading crypto storage and blockchain technology solutions provider. We are dedicated to providing a great end to end user experience where customer support is a pillar of our organization. As Vidulum App’s feature set continues to expand it is paramount that the team maintains the ease of use, functionality and device agnostic experience users have come to expect.

The cryptocurrency industry, although over a decade old, is still young with an active development community still innovating on underlying blockchain technologies. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is currently represented by a roughly 329 billion dollar market cap where by comparison, the market cap of the S&P500 is well over 20 trillion dollars,(as of the date of this publication). There is significant potential for growth in the blockchain industry, however, the single biggest risk that has inhibited innovation and sometimes grips market participants with extreme fear is regulatory uncertainty around the world. While such uncertainty hasn’t seemed to stop pioneers from building, it has certainly given pause to those observing, and participating.

Despite this risk factor, growth and adoption does appear to be trending upwards. As the industry has evolved it is becoming increasingly important for individuals to be the custodian of their virtual currencies as a key purpose of the space is to decentralize finance, remove the need for third parties and put people in control of their assets. The value proposition of crypto varies from region to region, but the need for independent control over assets is universal.

As we see continued adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies we are seeing demographics broaden where initially the majority of participants may have been male, millennials, this market share is changing to include a wider age range and more gender diversity in adoption. Vidulum is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this change in demographic trend and overall growth in market participants.


Vidulum LLC is positioned for growth in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space with a dedicated team building the software solutions users need to address issues of custody, accessibility and ease of use in the virtual currency and blockchain industry. Over the next calendar year, the team seeks to accomplish as many goals as outlined in this document as possible including the expansion of the team, the development of new features, the list of supported blockchain projects, and the broadening of the Vidulum Rewards System.

Become part of the solution to the issues inhibiting the adoption of virtual currencies and crypto assets, join the Vidulum community on discord.

If you are interested in contributing to Vidulum LLC, and working to join the team please contact us at [email protected] with your resume and a brief background of your experience.

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**The contents of this document are subject to change due to prevailing market conditions, opportunities and risks, and unforeseen obstacles. Should Vidulum LLC need to pivot according to such unforeseen factors, revised version of this document may be released as appropriate.**
**From time to time we may update the information contained in the document to reflect the evolution of Vidulum LLC as an organization.**