A Walkthrough of Vidulum App

A Walkthrough of Vidulum App


The echoes of mass adoption of cryptocurrencies keep resonating in the crypto industry as several efforts are being made to achieve this. One of the predominant solutions is multicurrency wallets that grant crypto users access to all their digital assets. While most wallets are just created to hold digital currencies, the likes of Vidulum wallet comes with extra features that makes it unique among other existing wallets. About thirty cryptocurrencies are supported at the moment with plans of adding more cryptocurrencies support.

Features of Vidulum Wallet.

Vidulum app comes along with V-Staking where users holding certain cryptocurrencies, presently VDL, RITO, and XSG, earn rewards in the form of VDL coins roughly every 24 hours. Click this link for more information about V-Staking.


Variety they say is the spice of life and that is the same reason why everybody has a different smart device through which he/she prefers to access his/her funds. On this note, Vidulum App is accessible on all smart devices being it tablets, mobile phones, computers, etc. It is fully optimized to be compatible with any device you log into, ensuring users have access to their funds at any time wherever they are as long as they have an internet connection. If crypto enthusiasts envision seeing cryptocurrencies used as a payment method in the future then having a wallet that can be accessed on any smart device connected to the internet is a useful tool to carry around.

Security is a great concern when it comes to cryptocurrency wallets, and Vidulum has been designed to put users in full control of their funds as a non-custodial wallet. The private keys of wallet addresses are created client-side through a proprietary method and are never stored or sent back to Vidulum servers. In addition to having a password and a pin code, users can further enable a 2FA security feature to further add unto his app another layer of security.

As part of making using this app very easy for even crypto noobs, it comes with a very simple yet unique graphic user interface. Opening the app comes up with a solid blue and dark theme that blends harmoniously.

For the tech-savvies interested in market and network growth of Vidulum, there is an inbuilt masternode monitoring status which allows you to monitor your masternode status as well as the entire network performance. This simple tool allows one to observe his estimated rewards, the number of masternodes on the network as well as the estimated rate of return.


How to Receive and Send funds using Vidulum App

For ease of use and simplicity functions, the app has well-defined tabs to prevent the common errors that usually come about when receiving and sending cryptocurrencies. Receiving funds into your Vidulum wallet is quite similar to other cryptocurrency wallets. The receiving address is shown once you open the particular crypto that you intend to receive. For example, you have two choices of either copying the string of address or scanning the QR-Code when receiving funds.

Unique to this multi-asset web wallet, users can also send to three different addresses in a single transaction. Users are required to add transactions using the “Add Receiver” button once the address and amount are pasted into their respective forms. Doing so saves the address for the transaction and cuts the midstream of the entire receiving address showing only the ends of the receiving address. Looking at both ends of any receiving address is a rule of thumb when making sure that you are sending the funds to the right address. These elegant features also help users avoid making the mistake of sending funds to a wrong address.

As a non-custodial wallet and in the interest of security, users must enter their login details to build transactions and send them to the blockchain. Other wallets in the space do not require any approval when sending funds once the wallet is already opened.

In addition, the “Key Symbol” displayed allows users to export the individual private keys of the respective cryptocurrency, which again requires the user to enter their login details.


Finally, mass adoption of cryptocurrencies is not just about bitcoin and Ethereum, but the many other altcoins working to enhance blockchain technology and innovate on how we used distributed ledgers. Vidulum strives to bring accessibility to the space, with a continuously growing roster of supported assets, and the ability to access your coins at any time wherever you are. Vidulum Multi-currency App serves all these purposes of a multicurrency web wallet with the added benefit of V-Staking, which rewards users for using the application for storing cryptocurrencies.

Author:Kelvin Emmra