What is Vidulum

What is Vidulum

Vidulum is a blockchain based platform and ecosystem that is dedicated to driving the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and digital assets through a product suite designed for ease of access. The team behind Vidulum are active members of the broader crypto community building solutions to the functionality and accessibility issues that most users and new adopters face. Vidulum App is our primary product, and serves a multi-asset web wallet that is accessible 24/7 through modern web browsers. The VDL blockchain is complementary to Vidulum App and powers a reward system that is available to active users of the web wallet. With many features, users can experience many of the benefits of the cryptocurrency space without the hassle.

Key Features of Vidulum App:

  • Online Accessibility

  • Private Key Ownership & Easy Export

  • Easy Login - Username Password Pin
  • 2-Factor Authentication

  • V-Staking Reward System

  • Masternode Monitor

  • Quick Send and Receive

Online Accessibility

Ensuring that users can access their cryptocurrency 24/7, online and through a computer or mobile device is essential to driving accessibility to the virtual currency and blockchain space. Typical cryptocurrency storage requires using a desktop wallet, or leaving your crypto on an exchange. Running a desktop wallet can become time consuming, requires computer storage and is only accessible on the computer where it is installed. In contrast, storing your crypto on an exchange can make it more accessible wherever you are, however, the exchange owns the private keys and you are reliant on them for custody of your crypto.

Private Key Ownership

A key issue for most participants in the crypto space is ensuring they own their private keys. When storing on an exchange, you don’t own your private keys. Vidulum App ensures that each user is the custodian of their own private keys. All private keys are generated when a user creates their account and is done on the client side. The private keys are never sent back to Vidulum servers. In order to make this readily accessible, users can simply export individual private keys from their individual wallets or all of their private keys at once through the settings page of the application.

Easy Login

One of the complications with most online wallets is that you must have your private key handy, retain a mnemonic phrase or otherwise jump through hoops to access your cryptocurrency and private keys. Vidulum simplifies the process from the time of account creation to future access.When users create an account on Vidulum App, they are prompted to input a unique username password, and numeric pin. There are quick tips for each entry indicating the need for special characters, capital letters and numbers.

Like any account, for any online service, the more complex the login credentials, the more secure an account is. Once a user has created their account, they will use these same credentials to login. One important aspect about Vidulum App accounts is that the Vidulum Team cannot restore access by design. It is very important that users backup their login credentials at the time of account creation and once logged in, take a back up of their private keys.

Once a user has logged into their account, they can navigate to the settings page by using the sidebar and enable 2-factor authentication, further securing their web wallet account.

2-Factor Authentication

As is standard in the blockchain and crypto space, users can enable 2-factor authentication on their account by downloading Google Authenticator or Authy and following the onscreen prompts. 2-Factor Authentication offers another layer of security to Vidulum users and is required when logging into an account, sending a cryptocurrency from their web wallets, or exporting their private keys. While some may find 2FA burdensome, it is important to remember that we should never sacrifice security for convenience.

V-Staking Reward System

Unique to Vidulum and Vidulum App is the V-Staking reward system. By holding a minimum amount of a v-staking supported asset on Vidulum App, users will receive daily VDL rewards. The rewards a user receives is determined by the amount of a given asset they hold, proportionate to the total amount of the given asset currently being staked. V-Staking rewards is akin to cold staking. No desktop wallet client is required to participate in the reward system and receive free daily crypto rewards. On the Vidulum App, Rewards History page, a user can see which assets are supported for V-Staking, where they rank, when their last reward payout was, and how much they are currently holding.

Masternode Monitor

The VDL network, which is complementary to Vidulum App and the Vidulum ecosystem supports masternodes. VDL Masternodes help bolster the network, rewarding masternode owners for supporting the network. A masternode can support a blockchain network primarily by hosting another copy of the blockchain and in consensus. The Vidulum App allows the masternode owners to keep track of the status of their masternodes through the Masternode Monitor page. Users are able to track the status, uptime, and last payouts to their masternode addresses. This feature allows individuals to keep track of their masternodes so that they can adequately service them, restart and keep track of their masternode rewards.

Quick Send and Receive

The main dashboard of the Vidulum App shows users a breakdown of their crypto holdings, a list of supported wallets, recent transaction history, and some network stats. Users are not only able to favorite or search specific cryptocurrencies in the wallet list, they are also able to copy their address, generate a qr code, they can also trigger the sending modal for a specific asset. In order to receive crypto, users can simply click the receive button and copy the address or use the QR code. When sending crypto from Vidulum App, users can either visit a coins page by clicking the icon, or use the quick send button, specify a recipient and amount, and then enter their credentials to send the crypto.

With many features available to users of the Vidulum App and much more on the way, the Vidulum ecosystem will continue to focus on making crypto easy, helping users own their digital assets and driving mass adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.