Dennis - VDL Blockchain Update

Dennis VDL Blockchain Update

At block, 780 000, the Vidulum Blockchain will undergo an update to protocol version 170010 [codenamed: Dennis].

From fledgling blockchain project to where we are today, the Vidulum team is incredibly grateful for the support our community has shown. The VDL blockchain is an important aspect of the Vidulum ecosystem and as such, we will seek to continuously improve our code and infrastructure.

The coming update is essential to mitigating the VDL blockchains reaction to a sudden spike in hashrate, which has recently caused some issues for our supporters and mining pools. After a spike in hashrate, to the tune of several hundred percent, blocks are solved faster than they normally would be and difficulty of solving blocks rises with it.

Dennis seeks to limit the time between blocks to a minimum of 20 seconds, effectively preventing many blocks to be solved in a very short time period. The VDL blockchain has a preset block time of 1 minute and with this update, the rate at which blocks can be solved will better reflect this measure while leaving some flexibility.

In order to support this update, users must update their wallets and masternodes to protocol 170010.


In order to update your wallet, simply download the new wallet release, version 2.1.0 and run the installer. Currently the desktop wallet is available on Windows and Linux operating systems.

The masternode script will automate this process for chain supporters, simply terminal into your masternode, run the script and your masternode will update to version 170010. It is possible that you may have to restart the masternode from your control wallet.

If at anytime you run into issues with this update, feel free to contact our team directly in the Vidulum Discord #help channel.