Announcement - Introducing Vidulum Blog

Announcement: Introducing Vidulum Blog

Vidulum blog is the one stop shop for all things Vidulum. Visit us here frequently to stay up to date with the latest news, articles, and information about Vidulum App, improvements to the multi-asset web wallet, cryptocurrencies, and the blockchain space.

Recently, the Vidulum Team undertook the monumental task of rebuilding the entire web wallet from the ground up. The project planning began in early november and by december we were writing the foundational code of the web application we have today.

No small feat, we can easily say that hundreds of hours went into creating a superior product. We are incredibly proud of what we have created, and the flexibility and scalability of the new application. Users will continue to see improvements, new features and bug fixing as time goes on.

As we continue to develop Vidulum, the web wallet and support the VDL blockchain, we are ready to grow.

VDL Blockchain Update Scheduled for block number 780000:

At block, 780 000, the VDL blockchain will undergo several improvements.

Notable Changes:

  • Revise forkID

  • Update seeds

  • Limit selfish mining

  • Shorten reorg depth

  • Add mainnet checkpoint

  • Add testnet checkpoint

  • Bump client version

Important Links:

This blockchain update is, [Codename: Dennis] updates the protocol version to 170010. Be sure to update your wallets and masternodes. As always, the Vidulum team is available for any support needed in the Vidulum Discord #help channel.

You can keep track of what block the VDL chain is on at the Official Vidulum Explorer. Click here to read more about Dennis.

We are super excited about what’s next for Vidulum and we hope in the meantime, you enjoy the blog!