SSS Coin is Live on Vidulum App

SSS Coin is Live on Vidulum App

Users can now send and receive SSS with Vidulum App online or with the android and iOS app.

What is Simple Software Solutions (SSS)?

Simple Software Solutions is building a blockchain and cloud storage ecosystem designed to enable everyday users to be the backbone of the network through their native token, SSS. The SSS network uses proof of stake for reduced energy consumption and to enable a broader audience of people to participate in the network without requiring specialized equipment.

SSS Features:

  • • Simple Cloud

  • • Simple Drive

  • • Masternodes

  • • Governance

Simple Software Solutions (SSS) Platform

Simple Cloud is being developed to allow users to store files on a secure, blockchain based network that is developed for ease of use to ensure a streamlined user experience. The platform has been built around the storage system, tier 2 consensus through the masternodes, and the governance model. SSS coin is a proof of stake network, developed to offer utility within the Simple Software Solutions Platform.

Learn more about Simple Software Solutions and SSS by visiting their website at:

SSS Wallet on Vidulum App

SSS holders can now use Vidulum App to store, send and receive their cryptocurrency online and through an easy to use interface. Vidulum App has been built to deliver an intuitive user experience whether the web wallet is accessed in browser, on Android or iOS devices. As a non-custodial service, SSS holders are the only ones with access to their private keys!

Create your Vidulum Wallet account at!